Lenard Design Asssociates is a boutique design firm with a reputation for delivering outstanding Retail, Hospitality and residential projects. On the success of concept designs for respected brands such as Oroton, Chantecaille, Cue, Vodafone, Rebel Sport, Marcs, and Simone Perele, the firm has made its mark in Australia and abroad. With offices in Sydney and New York, and a project list ranging from nightclubs in Sydney's Kings Cross, to a showroom in Soho NYC, and high end boutiques around the world, LDA offers a one-stop-shop to develop and roll-out beautiful and highly effective branded environments on any scale.

At Lenard Design Associates we follow three core principles with every project we undertake:

1. Your Brand Comes First

2. Embrace Change

3. Build it Right  

No matter how big or how small your project, with these three principles in mind we will create a design which meets your brief, reflects your values and suits your needs (and your budget!). Some people may find our enthusiasm over-the-top, some people find it contagious, and some find it inspiring but every project is approached with a passion that will take the solution to a level beyond your expectations.

Your Brand Comes First
Understanding your brand's (or, in the case of a home, your) unique personality is key to conveying your “lifestyle” to your customers and friends. Many designers cannot help but impose their own aesthetic onto the stores they design, but at LDA we believe that the environment should absoutely integrate with the language of the brand.  We design the store that’s right for you, whether it’s elegant, comfortable, cool, quirky, understated, whatever... We spend a great deal of time with you up front, digesting the brief you provide (or extracting it from you!) and gathering all the information we can on the brand -- its history, goals, aspirations, inspirations, target market etc. Only when we fully understand where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go will we develop the signature environment that looks and works exactly the way you need it to. Our clients are the best in the business and our track record speaks for itself. A restaurant, office place, or home gets exactly the same approach -- we do all we can to understand you, our client, and all your needs.

Embrace Change
In this case change refers to the stylistic evolution that occurs as a matter of course in fashion and aesthetics.  At LDA we understand trends and recognise them as such.  Not all projects can be classic, nor all fashionable, but we have become adept at determining stylistic directions whilst avoiding fads.  More importantly we strive to stay on top of advances in strategic thinking, knowledge, and technology. We are constantly exploring developments in retail “best practise” - researching, travelling the world, understanding, experimenting and re-thinking the needs of our clients and their customers.  In the current market this may mean developing ways to integrate technologies, how to compete with a global or online market, utilising the latest environmentally sustainable  design practises or being on top of the latest construction techniques and available materials.  LDA are aware that the retail landscape is fickle and changes faster than most -- but that speed of change is part of our passion.  We embrace these transformations and even have developed award-winning furniture, lighting and fittings in-house – not because it’s part of our business but because we are obsessed with getting it right.

Build it Right
Bricks & Mortar – the built environment – is our end goal, it's our product .  Building, or rather controlling the build, is what we do and what we do best.  All the esoteric conceptual approaches that designers employ are worthless if they can’t be constructed cost effectively and translated into a functional and beautiful environment in which your customer can seamlessly engage with your product.  At LDA we pride our selves on our understanding of the building industry and the technologies they employ.  We like to get our hands dirty and that's an approach every good builder respects.

Whether it be a quick purchase, a browse, a night out, or just day-to-day living there's a wonderful intangible joy we all get from daily interactions with the real world.   The connection between your lifestyle and the built environment is paramount. At LDA we aim to enhance that experience in every aspect of our designs. Our role is to create theater, to stimulate, excite and delight the end user.  We approach each project like a composer writing a sympathy, with all our passion, experience and determination.